Common Questions

The best question is the one thats asked. Reach out with us if you have additional questions.

The best question is the one thats asked. Reach out with us if you have additional questions.

Is the thermal temperature HIPPA compliant?

The QuickTempKiosk Unit has not been authenticated in contradiction of HIPAA. The Personally Identifiable information is Visitors: Picture (if allowed) + temperature + time period. For Recognition mode: Image + Employee Number + Temperature Reading + Employee Name +Time of entry. The goal of the PTS is for building access / safety, it’s not envisioned to be used for patient analysis.

Is it FCC compliant?

Yes, the applicable standard is ANSI C63.4- 2014 (Information Technology Equipment) it has been allocated in contradiction of CISPR PUB. 222, FCC Part 15 Subpart B and has the FCC mark. TAF testing laboratory 1439.

Is there a setting in device that does not store temperature?

Not at the kiosk side — it will record temperature and time of all who were approved but these would only be for nominal temperatures. Non-nominal temperatures are never stored (those who are turned away). Only 1GB of scan history is retained on the device.

Can I upgrade the kiosk device?

Yes! We may intermittently issue updates to our UI. Currently the best way to do this is with a USB drive or transfer over your local network through your own internet browser

Is the device SIM / LTE Capable?

You will have to connect to an external device that can have a SIM card to then connect both devices.

Does the Kiosk support other languages?

The kiosk supports multiple language – 16 languages in total. Including English, Indonesian, Czech and Romanian, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Spanish, French, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Italian, Polish, German, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese,

How long does it take to recognize a face?

With a small database 1-2 seconds, if you add 1000’s of faces it may a bit take longer.

How many faces can it recognize?


Can you use outdoors?

It is conceivable, but not recommended. If using outside, please keep in a shaded area and make sure to calibrate the temperature readings using the compensation temperature feature.

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